Eulogy of Belle Fruitbein-Pomerantz

Written by her grandson, Gary Davis

January 26, 1994


Belle Pomerantz was many people – no, I’m not talking about her girlish figure.


She was Belle, Bella, Aunt Belle, Nanny, sometimes Noodle Nanny, and of course, Mother.


My grandmother was a complex, some would say difficult, person – but most important to me, and I believe to all whose lives she touched, she was a “celebration of life”.


Each time I look into the defiant eyes of my young daughters I am forever reminded of the woman whose life and love we gather to celebrate and remember. 


You see, long ago when I gave that look to Nanny she took the occasion to teach me once and for all who was boss – she picked up the cereal I refused to eat and dumped it on my head.


To pay honor to this woman, join me for a moment, not to grieve, but to celebrate – to rejoice in a life fully lived that enriched us all.


If you choose, remember and celebrate her as a smorgasbord of gastronomic delights:  noodles, kreplach, lox wings, stuffed cabbage, chapped liver and, of course, gefilte fish.


If you choose, remember and celebrate her as a free spirit doing her finest Gypsy Rose Lee imitation at Passover, passing herself off as Tottie Fields, or, my personal favorite – taking her 10 year old grandson to see “A Clockwork Orange”.


If you choose, remember and celebrate her as the “bell of the ball” – dressed to kill, or in a Matti schmatta with cigarette and ashes precariously perched from her lips.


Join me for a moment to remember and celebrate – recall the touch of her nails scratching your arm and soothing your soul – Celebrate her life.


To Nanny, “old” was a state of mind and spirit and she would have none of it.  Among the first to lose a spouse, she missed nary a step pursuing life with unbounded and unabated vigor.


Even after he body first betrayed her, she retained her unique perspective on life – her lament, “the men at Kind David are useless, not one can get it up!”


Her’s was a love of life, family and friends – we are all the richer for it.


Before closing, indulge my expression of love and thanks to the woman I call Auntie.  For far too long, bearing the burden of her failing health, she gave comfort and care to Nanny.  If we did not say it often or enough, we all love you very much for what you gave.  Nanny taught you well about life – I know she is proud.


As we leave this gathering, forever keep in you hearts and minds the essence that was Nanny – her perpetual and enduring love of life.  We pay honor to this special woman by living our lives with a “touch of Belle” and keeping the memory of having been blessed with the time and teachings of this irrepressible and irreplaceable person in our hearts.


Nanny – thank you – God rest your soul.