Bert & Jules Fine



Other than their children, what would they be most proud of?


Jules: His children and grandchildren

Bert:  accomplishments achieved by children, having 6 lawyers in lineal descendents



What would be their greatest regret?

Jules: Not succeeding in own textile business

Bert:  Not going to college



What would be their most treasured memories?

Jules: finding out Joe passed the bar (he knew he did not have to worry about Jack)

Bert:  Children and grandchildren graduating from college



What would they want to see carried on in the family (after the answer of religion)?

Jules: education, economic opportunities, owning own business

Bert: Education



What qualities did they embody (e.g., tenacity, wisdom, humor, outspokenness, …)?

Jules: Chutzpah, intelligence, honesty – great joker

Bert:  Hard working, Meticulousness



What would have been their secret ambition, hope or dream?

Jules:  own successful business and be financially independent




After survival, financial security and health, what is the one thing that would have made them really happy?

Jules:  Position of power, like when he was President of the Lions or when he was head of Anti-defamation League: Recognition with respect

Bert:  have an education; Successful happy honest children



What in the world of politics bothered them most?

Jules:  mostly apolitical

Bert:  Those who would be unwilling to assist poor people



What in the world of religion bothered them most?

Jules: anti-Semitism

Bert:  Extremism, outward displays of religion



What in the world of family bothered them most? (Please don’t give names!!! Speak in generalities!)

Jules: mixed marriages

Bert:  No answer



What hobbies did they have?  What recreational activities did they enjoy?

Jules:  golf, pipe & cigar smoking; pulling off a good prank

Bert:  knitting, baking



Tell us about any other defining character traits or physical characteristics.


Jules:  he wore signature powder-blue socks!

Bert:  Bert was always thin, to the point of being frail


What people or events most shaped who they were?  How?