Flora & Sam Weller



Other than their children, what would they be most proud of?


Flora – her activeness in her synagogues;  her fundraising for Jewish organizations; her relationship with her sisters


Sam – his sales abilities, his dancing


What would be their greatest regret?


Neither of them had any major regrets but:


Flora – not being a talented enough violinist or not following through with her violin training; not finishing college; not being able to read ALL the books in the world;


Sam – not being a successful entrepreneur


What would be their most treasured memories?


Their trips to Israel; Flora being honored in her synagogues “This is Your Life” night; spending time with their grandchildren; Flora – her parents


What would be their most treasured values?  (i.e., what would they be willing to speak up for or against within the family, the country, or in other situations?)


Flora – Supporting Israel and Judiasm; education


Sam – Helping out family or friends in need


What would they want to see carried on in the family (after the answer of religion)?


A sense of family closeness.


What qualities did they embody (e.g., tenacity, wisdom, humor, outspokenness, …)?


Flora was a quiet peacemaker, always mediating between or placating her sisters.  There was an un-worldly innocence about her.


Sam, for all his frugalness, was a very loyal and generous man – both with his time and money.  He was always there when you needed him.


What would have been their secret ambition, hope or dream?


Flora – for her children to be successful


Sam – to be wildly successful in the stock market or in real estate.


After survival, financial security and health, what is the one thing that would have made them really happy?


They liked being together – they would have been happier having all of their extended family close by.


What in the world of politics bothered them most?


In spite of being lifelong democrats, neither of them was political.


What in the world of religion bothered them most?


Interfaith marriage bothered Flora.  Sam was never religious.  He kept kosher and went to synagogue only because of Flora.


What in the world of family bothered them most? (Please don’t give names!!!

Speak in generalities!)


Family feuds – when one family member was not speaking to another.


What hobbies did they have?  What recreational activities did they enjoy?


Flora was not the least bit athletic but she loved to read and do crossword puzzles.  She bought her first pair of sneakers and took up tennis at the age of 73 when she moved to a community with a tennis court in front of her building.   She stuck with it for about three months ... but gave it up when they put up a net !!! She played in a weekly mah-jong group the whole time she lived in Bayside, NY.


Sam played handball through his late 40’s and then took up golf.  He got a hole in one at the age of 83!  He was also a great dancer.  We took him to buy comfortable shoes when he was in his 80’s.  He did not want shoes with crepe soles because he couldn’t dance in them!


Tell us about any other defining character traits or physical characteristics.


Sam had a deformed, distended lip.  It could not be corrected surgically as most surgeons were concerned he might bleed to death.



What people or events most shaped who they were?  How?


Flora – Her parents. Her mother was wise and compassionate and her father was sweet and a scholar.  Of all her sisters, Flora was most like her mother and she also had her father’s penchant for studying.


Sam – The Depression most impacted his psyche – he was a big saver and didn’t spend money easily.