Memorial – Lillian and Charles Friedman



Other than their children, what would they be most proud of?


Lil helped her family move from the old world to the new world (she was the pioneer/transition person exploring the world of school and work for her parents and her sisters).  She worked hard to keep the family close.  Lil  was successful in the business world with a range of experiences – from owning and operating movie theaters to working for the Zionist Organization of America.


What would be their greatest regret?


Charley’s early death.  (Lil never remarried.)


What would be their most treasured memories?


Vacations they had together.



What would be their most treasured values?  (i.e., what would they be willing to speak up for or against within the family, the country, or in other situations?)


Honesty, helpfulness, education


What would they want to see carried on in the family (after the answer of religion)?


Lil would have wanted everybody to stay together, enjoy one another, and support one another when appropriate.


What qualities did they embody (e.g., tenacity, wisdom, humor, outspokenness, …)?


Tenacity, outspokenness, hard work, family support, independence and self sufficiency.


What would have been their secret ambition, hope or dream?


Lil – at times I felt she would have loved to have no responsibilities for anyone or anything.


Charlie – to be a history teacher and see more of the world.  He never traveled beyond the east coast and he only saw a little of that.


After survival, financial security and health, what is the one thing that would have made them really happy?


Don’t know.


What in the world of politics bothered them most?




What in the world of religion bothered them most?




What in the world of family bothered them most? (Please don’t give names!!!

Speak in generalities!)


How family members treated one another.  Lil was concerned about other family members having sufficient or adequate finances.  Lack of generosity.



What hobbies did they have?  What recreational activities did they enjoy?


They had hobbies and participated in recreational activities when they were young – e.g., horseback riding, volley ball, boating, etc, that they enjoyed while on vacation.   When they were older they enjoyed ther theatre and reading.  Charlie did not have hobbies or participate in recreational activities.  Lil also liked shopping, antiquing and traveling.


Tell us about any other defining character traits or physical characteristics.


They had a strong belief that we had to fend for ourselves and be driven by our own values and not depend on anyone else.  Lil had the same beautiful and distinctive white hair her mother had.

Family tale: Lil was already married when her cousin Lil Udin got married in 1938. She was the first one in the family to have a fur coat and decided to wear it to Lil Udin's wedding. Unfortunately for her, it was a hot day but she was determined to wear the Persian Lamb coat - and at some point in the day, she passed out from the heat!



What people or events most shaped who they were?  How?


 All her cousins called her Libbie.