At the age of 60, my mom took a creative writing course and wrote this for an assignment.  It was read at her funeral and several family members asked that it be included in this collection—so here it is.  This was Flora.



My Credo ... What I Believe In ...

I believe in faith.  Faith in my religion and people.  I believe in God and know that everything and everybody on this earth has a reason for being.  This marvelous creation is so beautifully interwoven that we find truth, logic, and a perfect sequence of people and events on this earth.

Take the earth with its intricate rivers, mountains, fields, etc.  Take the sky above -- take man -- take woman.  You must believe in God if you give any thought to the universe.  Take faith -- you have to have love, respect and innate honesty to have faith.  Faith in a husband, children, friends, relatives.  Faith in God and thankfulness for our being.  I, thank God, I have great faith in all these things and people.  I am grateful to my parents and family for instilling this love and faith in me and for giving me the ability to be a contented and grateful person, and I am truly grateful for all my blessings. I believe I am essentially a happy and well adjusted person, which, in this great wide world, unfortunately, isn't too prevalent.  The secret is contentment, and I am content because I keep busy and try to help and work hard in my own small way, to do whatever I can to help people and humanity.

My background keeps me affiliated with Jews and Judaism and everything that will lead to a better and more humane world.  Help -- if only more people would respond and give a helping hand where and when it is needed.  Just visiting sick people and doing a small chore, even only offering to help can be so heartening and cheering.

Again and again, I believe I am here for a purpose, not just an ornament, and if I can be of use in any way, I should use my energy and give of myself.  I abound in energy and try to use it to good purpose.  Love of husband, children, grandchildren, sisters, relatives and friends is one of the strongest parts of my makeup.  "You get what you give" is a common saying.  What I receive in love and devotion more than makes up for whatever I do.

My father used to have great faith and he used to tell us at the beginning of the year (Rosh Hashonnah and Yom Kippur) “iss shtait geshribben” it is written -- who is to live and who is to die.  I am a firm believer in this.  Fate -- fatalism, call it what you may, life is ordained this way, and no matter where or whatever -- when your time comes, it is inevitable.

 Flora Weller, 1972