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Who are the DUBINER's and how are they related?

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NATHAN POMERANTZ (aka Nachum Isshia) was born about 1838 in Kamenets-Litovsk, and died before 1881 in Kamenets-Litovsk. NATHAN married BEILA SILBERGLEIT (aka Becky Silber) about 1856 in Kamenets-Litovsk. She was born about 1838 in Kamenets-Litovsk, and died about 1875 in Kamenets-Litovsk.

Source: Family reports say Beila died when her youngest son, Samuel, was an infant and her oldest son, David, was sixteen or seventeen. Needing help to care for his siblings (all brothers?) David married Rosie when they were teenagers.

It seems both Nathan and Beila died young. Several of his grandsons were named after him. As the first of those was born in 1881, the elder Nathan is presumed to have died before 1881 when he would have been about 43. As Beila presumably died when David was 17 or 18, she would have been about 36 or 37.

When their son Samuel got married, he listed his mother's maiden name on his marriage certificate as "Beile Jacob". As their son Israel listed her on his marriage certificate as "Beila Silbergleit", we consider the possibility that Samuel remembered his mother as "Beila, daughter of Jacob" ???


i. DAVID POMERANTZ, b. about 1857, Kamenets-Litovsk; d. 29 Aug 1951, 1020 Ocean Pkwy, at the SUV (?) Nursing Home, Brooklyn, New York.

ii. CHARLES POMERANZ, b. 1864, Kamenets-Litovsk; d. 1912, NYC.

iii. ISRAEL POMERANZ, b. about 1871; Kamenets-Litovsk; d. 11 Mar 1958.

iv. SAMUEL (Shulem) POMERANZ, b. about 1875, Kamenets-Litovsk; d. March 17, 1913 in NYC.


  • Israel and Sam dropped the "t" in Pomerantz.
  • It is unusual that there would be a such a difference in ages between these brothers. It is possible Nathan and Beila had one or more daughters (or other sons) but to date, we only know of these sons.

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David & Rose Pomerantz 1930

David & Rosie Pomerantz with Ada Hershkowitz circa 1930 in Brooklyn, NY

DAVID POMERANTZ (NATHAN 1 ) was born about 1857 in Kamenets-Litovsk and died 29 Aug 1951 in the SUV Nursing Home, 1020 Ocean Pkwy, Brooklyn, New York. David married CHANA-RAISEL DUBINER (aka Rosie) about 1875 in Kamenets-Litovsk, Belarus (Poland), daughter of SCHOLEM DUBINER and BEILA LEVINE. Rosie was born 1859 in Kamenets-Litovsk, and died 26 Aug 1933 in 103 Hester Street, NYC. Legend has it that David was 16 and Rosie was 17, however, US census records (after their immigration) indicate he was 18 and she was 16 at the time of their marriage.

Source: David's birth date deduced from info on death certificate saying he was 94 when he died in 1951 and from immigration records showing he was 34 when he arrived in the US in 1892.

After Rosie died at the age of 74 (or 76 as it says on her tombstone), David remarried twice more before he died. It is said he had very poor eyesight and only married literate women who could read to him! He moved to a nursing home after his third wife passed away.

DAVID POMERANTZ resided at 272 Delancey Street for 60 years as per his death certificate issued 8/29/1951. (We do not believe this is correct as it is unlikely he lived there from 1891-1951 especially as Rosie's death certificate indicates she died on Hester Street in 1933!)


Census records show David as emigrating from Grodno, Russia to the US in 1894 and state that neither David nor Rosie were ever naturalized. We were told that prior to immigrating to the USA, David made four trips to America reportedly to make enough money to build a house in Kamenets-Litovsk. After the house was built, it burned down and David and Chana Raisel immigrated to the US permanently. It is unclear whether the fire was an accident or was set in a pogrom. David's eldest daughter, Fannie, arrived in the US in 1899. In 1902, his wife Rosie arrived with their five other children.

We have found immigration records indicating his arrival in 1892 and 1898. 1892 - David “Pommerantz”, age 34, sailed from Hamburg or Havre on the DANIA (passenger #684) arriving in New York on May 30, 1892. 1898 - David 'Pomeranz', age 38, departed Liverpool, England 22 Dec 1897 on the SS WAESLAND and arrived in the US on 3 Jan 1989 at the port of Philadelphia. The ship manifest lists him as a shoemaker (?) and states he had $31 and was going to his two brothers 'Babl' (Samuel?) and 'Israel' Pomeranz at 38 East Broadway in NYC.

Once in America, they lived on the Lower East Side in NYC. The 1910 census states he had a grocery. The 1920 census lists David as being the proprietor of a bread stand and the 1930 census shows him as a fruit peddler. He is remembered for making and selling wine and as being a Lower East Side “pushcart pickle peddler!” During Passover, David sold matzoh, eggs and other Pesa-dicha items from his pushcart. It is said he got his eggs from Sam (Dubiner) Rubin's dairy. Sam Rubin was Chana Raisel (Rosie's) nephew.

Rosie's death certificate states she lived at 103 Hester Street and had been in the US for 30 years. She died of chronic myocarditis on August 26, 1933 in New York City at the age of 74 (or 76 as it says on her tombstone). Chana Raisel's Death Certificate is issued in the name Rosie Pomerantz, however, her gravestone reads “Anna” and her last name (Pomerantz) is spelled "P-o-m-A-r-a-n-t-z"! We assume Chana Raisel used the anglicized name "Anna Rose" and used each name interchangeably. See additional information about Rosie in the Dubiner History.

David died August 29, 1951 in a nursing home on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn, New York. His death certificate indicates he was 94 when he died, however, his tombstone says he was 96. (Source: Death Certificate # 156-51-316486)

Rosie is buried in Mount Lebanon Cemetery in the Kamenets-Litovsk section Block C-14 Row H Grave 8 (Kaoch of Jacob). David is buried in Mount Lebanon Cemetery in Kamenets-Litovsk section Block C-14 Line 3 Grave 5 (Kaoch of Jacob). They are buried in the same organizational plot but are not buried next to each other.


i. NATHAN POMERANTZ, b. about 02 Feb 1877, Kamenets-Litovsk, Belarus; d. 20 Apr 1962, Brooklyn, NY (Coney Island Hospital).

ii. FANNIE (POMERANTZ) HERSHKOWITZ, b. about 16 Aug 1881, Kamenets-Litovsk, Belarus; d. 03 Jun 1961, NYC.

iii. JENNIE (POMERANTZ) FRIEDMAN, b. 1886, Kamenets-Litovsk, Belarus; d. Jun 1979, NYC.

iv. FRIEDA (FRAIDEL) (POMERANTZ) UDIN, b. 1887, Kamenets-Litovsk , Belarus; d. 17 Oct 1973, Far Rockaway, NY.

v. SARAH (POMERANTZ) LEVINE, b. about 1896, Kamenets-Litovsk, Belarus; d. 05 Apr 1962.

vi. SAM (SHOLEM) POMERANTZ, b. about 1898, Kamenets-Litovsk, Belarus; d. about 1985, NYC.


CHARLES POMERANZ (NATHAN 1 ) was born about 1864 in Kamenets-Litovsk and died in New York in 1912. The 1900 US Census states Charles immigrated to the US in 1892. He married GITTLE WEINER in Kamenets-Litovsk. GITTLE and their eldest son, BARNETT (b. 1893), immigrated to the US in 1894.

From 1892 until 1920, they moved numerous times within the confines of the Lower East Side. Every child was born at a different address: 114 Lewis St.; 191 Madison St.; 97 Monroe St.; 3 Rutgers Pl. Landlords often gave a free month's rent to a new tenant and many immigrants took advantage of that by moving often!

In 1900, Charles is listed in the US Census as a peddler and in 1910, he is listed as a home builder and an employer. His son, Barney is listed as an office assistant for a home builder.

Children of CHARLES POMERANZ and GITTLE (Gertrude) WEINER are:

i. BARNETT POMERANZ, b. Jan 1893, Kamenets-Litovsk, Belarus. He was a wagon driver in 1920. (NOTE: After his father died, BARNETT may have changed his name to CHARLES.)

ii. ANNIE (POMERANZ) PEARLMAN, b. 12 Apr 1896, NYC; d. Jan 1971, Flushing, NY.

iii. NATHAN POMERANZ, b. 11 Jul 1899, NYC.

iv. BELLA POMERANZ, b. bef. 1901, NYC.

v. JOE (aka Joseph) POMERANZ, b. 06 Sep 1901, NYC.

vi. SADIE POMERANZ, b. 12 Jul 1905, NYC.


ISRAEL POMERANZ (NATHAN 1) was born in Kamenets-Litovsk about 1872.

Census records indicate that ISRAEL may have immigrated to the US in 1892 at the age of twenty. To date we have not been able to confirm records of his immigration or naturalization.

Possible immigration information: Israel Pomerantz may have immigrated to the US in 1895 arriving August 13, 1895 on the BERLIN that sailed from Southhampton. Listed on the manifest on line #0152 is "Isac Pomoranse", from Russia, age 24 and unmarried.

ISRAEL married IDA LONDON on May 5, 1897 in NYC. (Source: marriage certificate # 7016). At the time of their marriage, ISRAEL was living at 38 East Broadway in NYC and said he was twenty-six (implying a birth year of 1871). On their marriage certificate, he listed his father as “Nachim Jeshua” and his mother as “Baile Silbergleit”. He also stated he was from “ Kanienic, Russia ”.

IDA, the daughter of SAMUEL LONDON and HINDE PRICE, was born 08 Jun 1874 in Skyt, Russia. At the time of their marriage (1897) she was living at 120 “Crysty” St. in NYC and said she was twenty-three. Her daughter Rebecca's birth certificate (1900) states that Ida's maiden name was “LEINDENER” and she was born in Germany.

Census records indicate that IDA may have immigrated to the US in 1894 at the age of twenty. To date we have no record of her immigration or naturalization.

Reportedly, ISRAEL had a varied employment history. It is said that he made a vast fortune in real estate but lost it all in the early 1900’s. He must have retained some real estate holdings as he collected rents when his son Sam was a teenager. Census records indicate that in 1900 he was a coal dealer in NYC and in 1930 was a retail livestock dealer in Hartford, CT.

IDA died 09 Dec 1943 in NYC of a cerebral hemorrhage caused by hypertension and cardio-vascular disease. Her death certificate erroneously states she was born June 8, 1881 and that she was sixty-two. It should have stated she was born in 1871 and was seventy-two. (Source: NYC Death Certificate, #24957). They were living at 2980 Brighton 12th St. when Ida died in 1943.

After Ida’s death, Israel moved back upstate to Peeksville (?), NY where he ran a saloon for a number of years before investing in a Chinese restaurant in Yonkers. After the losing money on the restaurant, he owned a candy store in Yonkers until he moved to the Bralstoken Home for the Aged on the Lower East Side in NYC.

Israel died 11 Mar 1958. His tombstone states he died at age 86 in 1958 (implying a birth year of 1872). He is buried in the same cemetery he buried his wife, Ida, in 1943 --- the Hungarian Union Field Cemetery in Queens, NY. Israel is buried in Plot 458E and Ida is buried in Row 20 Grave 47. The cemetery was owned and operated by the Mutual Benevolent Society of 1865 and was originally founded by a Hungarian group.

Aside: Rhoda Brecker (grand daughter of Samuel Pomeranz – Israel ’s brother) had quadruplets in 1963. When naming them, she was looking for names of people who had long lives. Believing Israel lived into his 90's, she named her daughter, Allison Ivy Brecker (middle name), after Israel.

To date we know of five children born to Israel and Ida, four of whom survived. Robert Pomeranz ( Israel ’s grandson) believes there may have been others and that one of the non-surviving children may have fallen out a window. Unfortunately, census records about their children’s names and ages are slightly confusing.


i. SAMUEL POMERANZ, b. 20 Apr 1898, NY; d. 11 Oct 1985, NY.

ii. REBECCA POMERANZ, b. 11 Feb 1900, NYC (Source: birth certificate, # 5027.); d. ????, NY.

iii. BELLA POMERANZ, d. Bef. 2004; (Bella and Rebecca MAY be the same person)

iv. HANNAH POMERANZ, b. 1903, NY; d. 28 Aug 1907, NY (Source: Death Certificate, #17830 Kings County) (Her death certificate states she was run over by a trolley and died due to traumatic amputation of her legs.)

v. ELLA POMERANZ, d. before 2004. (Census records show an Ester Pomeranz.)

vi. ZELDA POMERANZ b. 25 May 1905, NY; d. 04 Nov 1999 (Census records show Selda and Saddie Pomeranz.)

We have been unable to find birth records for any children born after Samuel and Rebecca. So, if Rebecca is Bella and Selda is Zelda and Ester is Ella … and we know Hannah died, that accounts for five children. It is possible there were others.


SAMUEL POMERANZ (NATHAN 1 ) was born about 1873 in Kamenets-Litovsk, and died March 17, 1913 in NYC.

Source: The 1900 US Census lists him as being born in 1871; The Dania ship manifest lists him as being 20 when he immigrated in 1893 - implying he was born in 1873; His NYC marriage certificate list him as being 21 in 1896 implying he was born in 1875; the birth certificate of their first children (twins - Nathan & Sarah) states he was 22 when they were born in 1898 implying he was born in 1876 and his death certificate (#8843) states he was 39 when he died in 1913 implying he was born in 1874. The truth lies somewhere in between 1871-1876!

He married LENA BURACK (aka Libby?). She was born about 1875 in Kamenets-Litovsk, and died about 1957 in NYC.

Source: The 1900 US Census states she was born in 1876; their marriage certificate states she was 21 in 1896 implying she was born in 1875 and lists her maiden name as BORAK; however, the birth certificate of their first children (twins - Nathan & Sarah) states she was 25 when they were born in 1898 implying she was born in 1873 and her maiden name is PAKOVICH (?); and Rhoda Brecker claims Lena died about 6 months before Rhoda married. Hence we have assumed she was born between 1873-1876! Teri Pomerantz-Rumpf states her father told her Lena's last name was BURACK.

Immigration records for Samuel list him as "Schulem Pomeranz" from Grodno, Russia. He arrived May 12, 1893 on the Dania that left from Hamburg and is listed on line #0647of the manifest. It states he was 20 years old and was married, although that is doubtful as we know for a fact that Lena and Sam were married July 21, 1896 in NYC. (NYC marriage certificate # 11559) Sam was 21 when they married and was living close to his older brother, Israel, on 93 East Broadway. Lena (from Russia), also 21, was living at 60 Attorney Street. They were married on Attorney Street in NYC.

The 1900 census shows Samuel and Lena living at 215 Henry Street, NYC. It states Samuel was born in 1871, Lena was born in 1876, both are from Russia and neither of them was able to read, write or speak English. It states that Samuel immigrated in 1893 (as above) and unfortunately, it is difficult to read the year Lena immigrated. It looks like she immigrated in 1881 and that she had been in the US for 19 years. (?!?!)

The 1900 census shows three living children ---Nathan and Sarah, twins, who were born in 1898 and William who was born in April 1900. It also states that Sam and Lena had three other children who were no longer living. It has been said they had another set of twins that did not survive. It seems there was also another child who did not survive.

Family legend states that Sam did very well either in real estate or the stock market but due to some crash, he lost it all and died shortly thereafter in 1913. (The 1900 US census is difficult to read but it seems he listed his occupation as "Insurance" ...and his death certificate lists his occupation as "Contractor", while Nathan and Sarah's birth certificates list his occupation as "tailor".) His death certificate states he died March 17, 1913 at the age of 39 of "cancer of stomach and liver and emaciation and cardiac failure". At the time, they were living in a tenement at 236 Madison Street in NYC. It states he had been in the US for 19 years, was from Russia, married, his father was Nathan Pomeranz and his mother was "Beky Silber". The certificate lists where he was buried but it is very difficult to read. Best guess: Oceanview Cemetery, Staten Island, NY.

Lena then went on to establish her chicken business in the Bronx. She would buy live chickens wholesale and re-sell them to restaurants. In spite of rumors that she couldn’t add (which helped build her business as people knew they could sometimes get good deals from her) she apparently was a very successful business woman as she made enough money to help establish several of her children in businesses.

Leonard Abrams (Sam's first grandson) recalls he was supposed to have been named "Samuel" after his grandfather, but he wasn't. Other family members remember Lena's husband as “Charles”. Also, the family members that say Samuel's name was Charles, refer to Lena as Libby!

Lena/Libby did not speak English. She only spoke Yiddish. She was a little woman and was buried in Cypress Hills Cemetery in Queens, New York.

Children of SAMUEL POMERANZ and LENA PAKOVICH are: (NOTE: Samuel and Lena had three sets of twins—but only two sets survived.)

i. NATHAN POMERANTZ, b. 19 Jun 1898, NY; d. NYC.

ii. SARAH (POMERANTZ) ABRAMS, b. 19 Jun 1898, NY; d. 18 Feb 1993, Allentown, PA.

iii. WILLIAM POMERANTZ, b. 17 Apr 1900, NY; d. 29 Jan 1972, Flushing, NYC .

iv. JACOB POMERANZ, b. 01 Jan 1904, NY; d. Mar 1975, NYC.

v. BELLE (POMERANTZ) FUTTERMAN, b. 12 Feb 1906, NY; d. 07 Jun 1999, Deerfield Beach, FL (Source: SSDI.)

vi. TOMMY (aka Elias) POMERANTZ, b. 12 Feb 1906, NY; d. Dec 1986, MA.

NOTES: Sarah and Nathan were twins as were Belle and Tommy. With the exception of Jacob, we believe most of the children included the "t" in Pomerantz!


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